Our Books & Artwork

Our Books and Artwork

Below is an overview of the current books we are offering through our primary publisher, Blurb Publishing. Click link or Photo to go to the book site. Many more will be added over time, so check back often.

We can also create prints of any photo in our collection. Printing is done to the highest Giclee standards and can be done on Canvas, Fine Art Papers, matt or Glossy Photographic Papers.

We have a large quantity of Wildlife photographs from every part of the world.

Thanks for visiting and browsing our site! Email for more information: info@portraitsofcountries.com

Please visit our other site: http://www.mcadoophotography.com

Portrait of a Country: Costa Rica
The Wildlife of Costa Rica from photographs taken on 3 separate trips to this land called “Pura Vida” (Pure Life).

Portrait of a City: Rio de Janeiro
The Beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro is shown through photographs.

Portrait of Wildlife: Photographs of the National Wildlife Refuge System
The National Wildlife Refuge System of the USA is shown in Photographs and text. 45 different refuges are shown in this book.

Portrait of a Country: Belize
The beautiful country of Belize is shown in Photographs. Over 100 photographs from all over the country are shown in this book.


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